$0 Deposit Interest Free Finance up to 5 years

Building and renovations can cause a strain on the budget, with the ability to offer $0 deposit interest free finance up to 5 years Bardera Patios can help relive the stress come time to build.This can be used for the entire project including council approvals and any additional items required at the time of the build.

HSBC’s interest free finance is a great way to finance your outdoor patio renovations. With an easy online application you will know in minutes how much you will be approved for. Often clients are approved for more then their patio project will cost and have the freedom to purchase other items at HSBC retailers.

Listed below are some of the common questions in regards to the interest free finance to help with your decisions to finance a patio project. Feel Free to Contact us if you have any further questions

How does interest free work?

Interest free means you will not have to pay any interest on the purchase you made during the promotional period (eg 6, 12, 24 months). You still have to pay a minimum monthly repayment as you would with any standard credit card purchase.

Can I use my card for additional interest free purchases?

Yes, you can use your card to make additional interest free1 purchases with any of the participating retailers. Simply ask in any of these storesfor details of current promotions, and ask it to be an ‘add on‘. When making a second or subsequent interest free1 purchase you should be aware that payments to your account will be allocated to the first interest free1 purchase debited to your account until the balance is repaid in full, or the interest free1 period expires, before payments will be allocated to any subsequent interest free1 purchases.

What is the minimum monthly repayment I will have to make?

You must repay a minimum amount every month by the date shown on your statement (NB this is the date HSBC should receive the payment, not the date on which you make the payment).

For our HSBC Credit Card, the minimum repayment is the higher of $20 or 3% of the outstanding balance.

For our Personal Instalment Line, the minimum repayment is the amount of the purchase divided by the number of months in the promotion, plus fees and interest charges.

You do not have to make a repayment if your balance is zero or in credit, or if you are within a payment deferred promotional period. You may pay all of or more than the outstanding balance if you wish. The minimum monthly repayment as noted on your statement may not pay off your outstanding balance within the promotional period.

Can I pay off my balance before the end of the promotional period?

Yes, you can pay off the full balance at any time.

Are there penalties for early repayments?

No, there are no penalties for early repayments.


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