Custom Stratco Patio in Runaway Bay

Check out our latest project we installed another Patio Sunroof in Runaway Bay.

Location: Runaway Bay

Requirements: This project was custom designed and engineered to suit the existing roof line of the home.

We have used the Stratco Cooldek Clearspan Gable along with 2 x Flat Stratco Cooldek patios

The size of the patio structure is approx. 8m x 6m 

Additional Features: This was job completed in Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. We integrated the patio structure with some of the  custom features were added by the owner such as the outdoor kitchen

About The Stratco Outback Sunroof Covering

Stratco Outback Gable Roof Patio

Gable roof: A pitched gabled roof is a very stylish addition to your home. Spanning up to 7.5 metres, depending on the design you select, a gabled roof will truly give you a sophisticated outdoor experience.




Stratco Patio - Flat Roof

Flat roof: The most commonly used style of patio roofing is a flat roof. This gives a nice streamlined look to your patio which effortlessly extends your living spaces. Stratco flat roofs can span anything from 4.5 metres up to 8.4 metres, the longer the span the more support beams are required.