Gable Carport & Patio, South Brisbane Gold Coast

In this recent patio and carport construction we have showcased exactly how versatile the Stratco Outback Patio range is. We have a Multi-span gable carport and a Multi-span gable patio at the rear of the house.

The Gable Carport and the Gable Patio are both using the same design, we have just altered the roofing to give each area the results our clients were after. With the carport we have used a CGI roofing the Banyan Brown colourbond finish to match the newly constructed home, which has the same roofing profile. This makes the carport feel as it was always part of the original design of the home.

For the rear patio our clients were after a clear lazerlight roof as that part of the house was notoriously dark. With the results you can see in the picture above you can see how vastly different each area looks. With Stratco’s extensive colour range we are able to make each and every patio or carport feel as it was part of the original design intended for the home and avoid the add on look. The addition of the clear roofing will make this area usable all year round and I’m sure the clients would have some amazing nights looking at the stars whilst dining outside.

Bardera Patio’s are a proud authorized dealer of the Stratco Outback Patio range, this gives each and everyone of our clients the piece of mind when choosing who to build your dream outdoor living area with. We service all ares of the Gold Coast, Ormeau, Logan, South Brisbane, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We offer free onsite design and quote consultations with our interactive design program. This offers live pricing where every change made will adjust the price in front of your eyes, giving you the control of the price of the job.

Feel free to give us a call or email to make an appointment to design you very own dream outdoor living area.


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