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Today, modern homes tend to be built with a double garage, but even so, we quite often need additional covered car parking spaces for everyone in the family. Older homes on the other hand, were either built without a garage or have only a small garage, just big enough for a small sized car.
Even with an existing single garage, many of our modern vehicles are far too wide to fit comfortably and an additional carport becomes essential. Stratco carports provide a stylish and cost effective solution to this problem.

Stratco Carports

Flat roof carport: Offering a stylish and customised finish, achieved by bricks and rendered piers and rendered bulk heads plus the capability to add in alternative cladding to match your existing home. This carport option is a cost effective alternative to the the Gabled, Curved or Basic model carports listed below is the Flat roof carport.

Gabled roof carport: The elegant designs of the gabled Stratco carport will add style and sophistication to your home. Available as a freestanding or attached carport, the pitched roof is the main feature of the design and smoothly compliments all pitched roofed residences. Whatever size carport your family needs, the gabled roof carport will be a welcome addition to your home.

The Dutch gable is available in widths up to 7.5 metres and the Traditional gable up to 8.4 metres. Both are outstanding examples of quality Stratco carports, suitable for the more traditional style of residence and will add value and elegance to your home.

Curved roof carport: The curved roof carport is built in a very contemporary and modern style, suitable for many new and old homes. It’s smooth clean lines and streamlined build eminently suits our modern lifestyles.

Basic model: If you want a basic free standing carport, then the Stratco Frontier is your carport. Simple, with clean lines, this is an economical and very cost effective option. The heavy duty zinc-aluminium roofing keeps your car cool in the summer and protects it from the elements during winter.

There are two sizes, a single carport 3.4 metres wide and a double 5.35 metres wide. Both are 2.4 metres high and 5.6 metres long. Stratco products are used in the mining industry so they are build strong and build to last.

Also available as a freestanding carport or attached to your home, the curved roof can be combined with a flat roof to create a unique design that perfectly complements your home. This is a very handy feature, as on its own the curved roof spans 6.6 metres, but can be designed to cover a much larger area, with Stratco flat roof extensions.

Carports are an economical strategy that provides protection for your vehicles, motorbikes or boats without having to spend additional funds on a matching garage. You can also use them for additional outdoor entertaining spaces if the need arises.

An important consideration is the ability to match the colours of your new carport to those of your existing home, an essential feature for Heritage homes. Carports are simply a practical and cost effective addition to your home.

Bardera Constructions have been building Gold Coast carports for 20 years and we have extensive experience in the industry. As Master Builders we make sure that your carport is built to an extremely high standard and we will not compromise on quality or value.

For information on how Bardera Constructions can enhance your outdoor spaces, call us on 07 5520 2580 or complete our online enquiry form.

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