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Bardera Constructions have been installing patios, carports, pergolas and outdoor room enclosures around Northern New South Wales for over 20 years, also servicing Brisbane and Gold Coast. Trust this wealth of experience when selecting Bardera Constructions to install your patio.

Patios are often confused with pergolas  – these terms are often used interchangeably. A patio is a Spanish word for ‘courtyard’ – meaning an outdoor recreation area, typically paved, and encapsulating part of the residence.

Patios can either be unroofed or roofed – usually attached to the side of the house. In Australia we love our back yards and we spend a lot of time outside entertaining or relaxing. Patios have become synonymous with entertaining and are a space that can be enjoyed by the whole family, all year round.

Choosing a patio for your home

The usual design for a patio is to have a concrete or paved flooring covered by a metal roof. There are lots of different Stratco Patio designs available, which one you chose depends on the style of your home, the amount of space available and your personal preferences. Here are a few of Stratco’s popular designs. 

Flat roof: The most commonly used style of patio roofing is a flat roof.  This gives a nice streamlined look to your patio which effortlessly extends your living spaces. Stratco flat roofs can span anything from 4.5 metres up to 8.4 metres, the longer the span the more support beams are required.

Curved roof: This provides an added sense of style to your patio and alone can span up to 6.6 metres. You can however, combine the curved roof with a Stratco flat roof and create your own unique patio covering.

Gable roof: A pitched gabled roof is a very stylish addition to your home. Spanning up to 7.5 metres, depending on the design you select, a gabled roof will truly give you a sophisticated outdoor experience.

Hip End: This unusually named patio element is an elegant addition to your home and is designed for homes with a hip end in the roofline. It combines beautifully with a gabled roof to extend your outdoor living spaces and enhance the lines of your current home.  

Gazebo End: Designed to add class and elegance to a gazebo patio roof, the gazebo end perfectly matches homes with bay windows or hexagon forms in the roof line. Adding a gazebo end to your gabled patio will lift the aesthetics of your home and provide the finishing touch to your outdoor entertainment area.

Sunroof: Available in flat and gable designs, the electronic sunroof allows you to open and close the louvers in the roof, to control the amount of sunlight and fresh breezes in your entertainment area. This is a fabulous addition to your home and even has a rain sensor, to automatically close the louvers in case of rain.

Northern NSW Patio Trend

In Northern New South Wales, many of our clients add kitchen units, sinks and outdoor ovens to their patios, transforming them into true living spaces. Our skilled and knowledgeable NSW based team can visit your property and provide an obligation free quote. Bardera Constructions are a Stratco Authorised Dealer which gives you a wide range of patio and roofing options to suit your property.

For information on how Bardera Constructions can enhance your outdoor spaces, contact us now, via phone, on 07 5520 2580, or complete our online enquiry form. We are also a Gold Coast builder; please also take a look at the building and renovation services we offer on the Gold Coast.

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