Historically, a pergola was originally a free standing structure in a garden or parkland, open to the elements and covered in climbing plants. It was essentially a covered passageway leading from the house to a garden feature, outside seating area or other structure.

Many people in Australia have grapes, Bougainvillea or Jasmine growing over their pergolas and more often than not, modern pergolas do not lead to any external structure and are just used as a decorative garden feature.

Today, Gold Coast Pergolas are very similar to patios and in fact, the two terms are interchanged freely. Pergolas however, are now considered to be free standing structures with or without a solid roof (which can be attached to your roofline), whilst patios are roofed structures attached to a residence. 

Stratco Pergolas

Stratco have a uniquely designed pergola which is structurally stunning. It can be used as either a free standing pergola or as a pergola attached to your house. As an addition to your outdoor living spaces, the Stratco pergolas can span up to 8 metres, providing you with an enormous amount of extra entertaining space.

These Stratco pergolas are perfect for houses that do not have much light inside and where the addition of a solid roof to the house (as with a patio), would clearly reduce the amount of internal daylight. In these instances, a pergola is a perfect compromise and will imbue a feeling of warm sunny, Mediterranean days to your home, especially if you have grapes or bougainvillea lovingly growing along the beams.

You can increase the amount of shade given by the pergola by a clever selection of climbing plants or by adding a covering of shade cloth to the pergola. There are special clips for fitting shade cloth to Stratco pergolas, to ensure that you have a streamlined and classic finish.

Innovative Shade Blade

Stratco have created a shade blade system that allows both natural light and fresh breezes in, while providing protection from the harsh Australian sun. As an angled, fixed blade system, it is designed to be attached to your pergola’s roof area and is a welcome addition during our long, hot summers. You can also use the shade blade system for added privacy, by attaching it as a privacy screen to the side of your pergola.

Stratco pergolas provide a light and airy external space, creating visual interest and maximising your external entertainment areas to take in the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer. Strategically placed, you can even use them to block out unsightly views such as a shed or your neighbour’s house and refocus attention on your beautiful pergola.

Regardless of whether you chose a patio or a pergola for your home, Stratco have a range of designs that will complement your home’s architecture and provide additional, year-round outdoor entertainment spaces for your family.

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