Seamless Integration in Calamvale

A nifty @Stratco Cooldek Vgroove in Calamvale. Expertly designed to connect on both sides with existing structures, it’s a marvel of seamless integration. 

Whether you’re sipping morning coffee, storing your assets or hosting evening gatherings, this space complements the home and its usable space effortlessly while enhancing its utility and aesthetic appeal.

Patio Calamvale
Connected Patio Calamvale

Stratco Patio - Flat Roof

Flat roof: The most commonly used style of patio roofing is a flat roof. This gives a nice streamlined look to your patio which effortlessly extends your living spaces. Stratco flat roofs can span anything from 4.5 metres up to 8.4 metres, the longer the span the more support beams are required.

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Outback Cooldek Roofing

Control the climate, keep cool and experience outdoor living in comfort under a Stratco Outback® with Cooldek® roofing. The innovative Cooldek insulated panel provides a roof, insulation, and ceiling like finish all in one product, with superior spanning capabilities and outstanding cooling performance.

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